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Contact Information:

Iain G. Liston
Information Technology Consultant


Big House Consulting Ltd
41, Upper Kinneddar,
Fife, KY12 9TR
Office:   01383 853 400
Mobile: 07968 023 652

Specialist Skills:

Computer Systems Analysis, Computer Programming and Unit, Integration, & System Testing using appropriate techniques, tools, and methods.

Mainframe Computer Languages: IBM COBOL II, Assembler, JCL, & Rexx/ISPF. Delta, Sceptre,

Mainframe Environments: IMS DB/DC, CICS, QSAM, ISAM, VSAM,

Other Environments: VAX (Oracle). NCR (Teradata).

Mainframe Development Tools: File-Aid for MVS, File-Aid for DB2, File_aid for IMS, Endevor (all Compuware) & QMF.

Relational Databases: IBM DB2, MS Access, Oracle, & Teradata.

PC Computer Languages: Visual Basic, Javascript, HTML & DHTML, Perl.

Microsoft Office Products: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Frontpage.

Mainframe Testing Tools: File-Aid for IMS, DB2 & MVS, Xpeditor.

Other Testing Tools: QARun (Compuware).

Development of Key Personnel:

The development of our personnel is central to our ethos of providing a competent knowledge base.We therefore take necessary steps to provide training where it is deemed to provide a broader level of experience for the individuals concerned, the company and the client.